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Order now! Rentcar Mastercard
ORDER NOW! Rentcar Mastercard

Keep your cash flowing as the periodical leasing payments are a secure calculation base for your in-company planning. The leasing rates are tax-deductible in Germany. In addition, leasing is off-balance and keeps credit-worthiness in good stead.

The advantages of leasing open up possibilities for company innovations as well as rationalisations. Lower cost prices can be passed on to your leasing rates.

Financial flexibility is secured through low monthly payments. Also, there is no sale effort involved with the expiration of the contract. The vehicle is simply returned to the lessor with the expiration of the term.

Motor vehicle tax, third party liability and comprehensive cover are always included in the lease price and in the event of damage we will deal with it. Transport and log-book costs are also included, as is alternate transportation guarantee if granted by the car manufacturer.