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Order now! Rentcar Mastercard
ORDER NOW! Rentcar Mastercard

Take advantage of our Europe-wide car dealer network and choose your favourite vehicle. Decide on the make, type, different options and accessories. We will find any car for the best price.

Take advantage of a hired car, inclusive of third party liability and comprehensive cover, Europe-wide travel without limitations with the “green card”, consulting and assistance in case of accidental damage and repair in one of our covenanted garages.

Enjoy the advantages of a German number plate in Italy. Ask for one or several offers today. You decide on the split of the instalments, the first instalment or deposit, you decide on the duration of the term: 1, 5-7, 30 days or weekend. We offer excellent service along with friendly and expert consulting in all languages.

We bring your dream car to your very door: At buyer’s option it is either consigned by our experienced company drivers or by our associated forwarding companies.

Why long-term rental?

You can benefit from the convenience of a new vehicle with its individual options and accessories without making big investments. It is the right option for a low-cost, risk-free and convenient vehicle fleet management. Vehicle fleet costs can be adapted and organized flexibly to meet different requirements.

  • no increase of leasing rates in case of accident
  • capital can be used elsewhere
  • new vehicles improve company image
  • high degree of transparency of vehicle fleet costs
  • individual contracts